Senate Dems Renew Push For DREAM Act

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Banjo, May 11, 2011.

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  2. All HOGWASH! The Democrats want to circumvent the US Constitution to gain political favor with Hispanics. It's immoral. It's wrong.

    Illegals should be ROUNDED UP AND DEPORTED... after all, they have committed a crime.

    The Southern Border should be sealed off. Trespassers should be SHOT ON SIGHT (or imprisoned for 10-20 years) like they do in Iran, N. Korea, et al.

    (Shoot a few thousand of them and they'll stop illegally crossing the border... along with their 5 million pounds of illegal drugs.)

    Need some shooters? I'll volunteer. I can shoot a 2" group at 400 yards.
  3. Of course they do, in hopes of fulfilling this prophecy. That the less white the nation gets, the more it will vote democrat. That's why they tell us "diversity is our strength", and that the less white we are, the more "enriched" we are.

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    I recently accused Lucrum of being a broken record, but he has nothing on you.
  5. Lucrum seems like a GWM.

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    Another attempt by the democrats to pander to hispanics by trying to give illegal residents US citizenship if they merely complete two years of college.

    I don't care if they earn a PhD, they are here illegally and must leave immedietely. They can then apply for entry to the US from their country of record. They have their parents to thank for their plight, not the rest of us.
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    It's just the Dems pandering for the illegal alien vote next year. :D
  8. Unlike Reagan,Bush and McCain's plans at least the dream act isn't for full amnesty
  9. If they make some attempt to seal the border slow the migration I am sure a deal to keep the current illegals here now could be worked out.

    But this is the President:
    May 10, 2011 ... YouTube - Obama Mocks Border Enforcement: 'They'll Need A Moat' With Alligators
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    Don't forget Clinton, he's responsible for nearly as many illegals being allowed in as Reagan. (I looked it up once). Question: does the DREAM act allow them to vote?
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