Senate Democrats Bow To GOP Cuts, Avoiding Shutdown

Discussion in 'Politics' started by rc8222, Mar 1, 2011.

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  2. $4 billion x 26 weeks = $104 billion in spending cuts for the year
    We can add more to spending cuts if we fired all Wisconsin teachers! [​IMG]
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    What if we fire everyone in Washington D.C. and make it a no-work zone since it already is anyway?
  4. Accepting a watered down plan with miniscule cuts is hardly bowing to the GOP. I'd say the republicans blinked. They will blink even quicker next time. They gave away the store before they even sat down to negotiate.
  5. So, does that mean you won't vote for a mainstream GOP candidate in 2012?

    That you would rather throw your vote to Bachmann just to show those mainstream GOPers who is boss, even if it means 4 more years of Obama?

    We have seen something like this before...where voters were principled and didn't care about the outcome; when they would not compromise their principles, and voted for Perot.

    So, would you compromise your principles, not vote for a Bachmann because it might give Obama the presidency...and if by not voting for Bachmann, is that any different than what politicians do when they compromise?

    What a dilemma for you guys...

    By the way AAA, occasionally you can detach from partisanship and give a reasonable objective analysis.

    Let me ask you, how different would things be today if John McCain had been elected, besides the odds of him already engaged our troops in Libya, etc.?

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    There is a strategy that Dick Morris is getting some credit for.

    Something like this:

    1) Pass a 1-year budget in the House that includes defunding Obamacare and many other liberal follies.

    2) Assume the senate will not pass such a bill. It was designed to be rejected.

    3) Repeatedly offer short term continuing resolutions with ~$6B in cuts each. This is supposed to cause Obama to have to refight his spending battles continuously right up to the election and also produce cuts compliant with the $100B demanded by freshman republican congressmen (read: Tea Party).

    It appears that is what is in play. I don't exactly believe much of what Dick Morris says but sometimes he makes a good call.