sen.wellstone drops the market...

Discussion in 'Politics' started by dgmodel, Oct 25, 2002.

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  2. now here is a fun topic for the conspiracy folks:

    What are the odds that Wellstone was murdered?

    Logic being that he was on his way to losing the race against Coleman, which would have tipped the balance to repubs in a critical struggle for senate control. But as a dead man, maybe he could pull out the election via sympathy vote- thus saving the Dem majority. Carnahan vs Ashcroft rehash.

    Possible? Or completely wacko?

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    In the wacko world we live in, anything is possible......maybe max401 can investigate the situation a little further....
  4. Shit, I wouldn't be surprised if Max's ultra-conservative ass was behind it.

  5. Except for the fairly obvious point that "ultra-conservatives" would have no motive for getting a dead democrat elected...

    p.s. who is Max and why is he getting ripped on out of the blue?
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    P. Niss

    And what are you, an ultra-liberal? Leave max401 out of this; he didn't come in here and give you grief.

    I thought you were taking a break from posting and trading? A lot of people here wish you would
  7. No wonder you can't trade. Take your aluminum foil hat off.
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  9. I think it was the same republican dirty tricks people who ruined ross perot's daughter's wedding.
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    Hehe, was already posted on the conspiracy thread:

    ...Loss of senator Wellstone
    may assure the win of a republican congress according to media so far.

    Strong opponent of war against Iraq back in 1991, and even stronger now. He even stated that his resolve against Bush's policies will cost him his own election. Ironically he was actually ahead in the polls recently.

    Market had what some called "the death of a senator rally" today just after the news came out.

    Interesting that another democrat senator, is lost in plane crash before elections.

    Democrat senator Mel Carnahan plane crashed on Oct 16th 1985. He was running against Aschroft back then....

    Wasn't that around the time we were selling all them chems and bio weapons to Iraq so they can fight Iran, and also the Iran contra scandal brewing or maybe later?

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