Sen. Robert Menendez (D NJ) Under FBI Investigation

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    FBI agents late Tuesday night raided the West Palm Beach business of an eye doctor suspected of providing free trips and even underage Dominican Republic prostitutes to U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez, D-N.J. — who has denied what he calls the “fallacious allegations.”

    Agents gathered at the medical-office complex of Dr. Salomon Melgen, a contributor to Menendez and other prominent politicians, to start hauling away potential evidence in several vans.

    The investigation is believed to be focusing on Melgen’s finances and the allegations about Menendez’s trips and contact with prostitutes. A spokesman for Menendez could not be reached for comment, nor could Melgen.

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    Opps. More prostitutes come forward to point their finger at the Senator. This could be very bad for Menendez.

    If Senator Bob Menendez of New Jersey is found guilty of traveling to the Dominican Republic to engage in sexual intercourse with underage prostitutes, he could face up to 30 years prison. The appropriate law, which would seem to apply in this instance, is the Prosecutorial Remedies And Other Tools To End The Exploitation Of Children Today (or the Protect Act).

    Menendez voted for the law when he was a member of the House of Representatives.


    “A person who travels in interstate commerce or travels into the United States, or a United States citizen or an alien admitted for permanent residence in the United States who travels in foreign commerce, for the purpose of engaging in any illicit sexual conduct with another person shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 30 years, or both.
  3. The ethics group – Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington – cast doubt on the accuser's claims Wednesday, noting that he came forward four years after he says Menendez first visited prostitutes, and in the midst of Menendez’s re-election campaign, which the Senator won in November. CREW’s executive director, Melanie Sloan, said she was “increasingly skeptical” of the claims.

    “There is something very suspicious about a source who repeatedly and for months refused to speak by phone to either us, other news outlets, or the FBI," Sloan told the Inquirer Wednesday.


    So pspr poster, really what is this? .
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    And, the Senator violated Senate reporting rules by not reporting the free private flights he took to the Dominican Republic to see these prostitutes. After the news came out in the press he ponied up almost $60,000 so he could say he paid for them out of his own pocket.

    Sorry Senator, you can't wait until you are caught to try and correct the record. I think Gov. Christie will be appointing a new Senator from New Jersey soon.
  6. Hmm, the accuser is only want to talk in the email, and do not want to say thier name, do not want to talk on the telephone, do not want to talk on the USA media. Why?
  7. Because they don't want to end up dead ,would be my guess.

    Myself I don't get US law.
    now if prostitution were illegal or underage in the country where it took place that's one thing.

    But extending the long arm of US law while in a completely separate nations jurisdiction is complete BS.
  8. Hmm, I smell the bs. Really why will the Senator Menendez and his friend Dr. Melgen only pay the girl $100.00 when the charge is $500.00 to the (legal) escort? They do not want attention in the USA if they really buy this service. So why will they not pay her fee? Why will they cause trouble and attention to them if they want to be secret? BS

    Woman changes story, denies being paid for sex with Sen. Robert Menendez

    By Manuel Jimenez, Kevin Gray and Edith Honan, Reuters

    SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic - A Dominican woman who previously stated in a video that she was paid to have sex with Senator Robert Menendez of New Jersey now says the allegations were false, according to a sworn statement released by a lawyer on Monday.

    The notarized affidavit was distributed by a prominent Dominican lawyer and friend of Menendez, Vinicio Castillo, who said it had been handed over to prosecutors. Castillo is not acting as the lawyer to the woman.

    In her sworn statement, Nexis de los Santos Santana denied ever meeting Menendez and said she never agreed to be filmed.

    New Jersey Sen. Robert Menendez is addressing allegations that he hired a prostitute on a trip to the Dominican Republic, saying they are "totally unsubstantiated." The campaign donor with whom he traveled is currently under federal investigation. NBC's Kelly O'Donnell reports.

    Menendez, a Cuban-American Democrat who chairs the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, won re-election to a second term last year. He has repeatedly denied the sex claims, calling them "politically motivated" smears.

    Asked on Monday night about the affidavit, a spokeswoman for the senator declined to comment. The affidavit was first reported by the Washington Post.

    The original videotaped interview with the woman features her saying that Menendez paid her for sex and that she was cheated out of the full amount he had agreed to pay.

    But according to the affidavit released on Monday, the woman now says she was paid to read from a prepared text and was videotaped without her consent
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    Oh yeah, that's believable.
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