Sen. Mark Kirk: I Saw Angels

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    The Senator just returned to the Senate after suffering a severe stroke.

    For Mark Kirk, there was no white light, no tunnel.

    What Illinois’ junior U.S. senator experienced was three angels standing at the foot of his bed.

    “You want to come with us?” Kirk was asked.

    “No,” he told them. “I’ll hold off.”

    The Highland Park Republican, who plans to return to the Senate when Congress convenes Thursday, recounted the story in his first in-depth interview since he suffered a massive stroke nearly a year ago.

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    Its more common for kids to see angels.Not saying that Republican is a kid,LOL:D Thanks for post.
  3. Oh I don't know I'm sure there's a few fella's out there that wouldn't mind a visit from an angel or two.

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    The first thing you have to be able to do is differentiate between a devil and an angel.
  5. Are you suggesting a try before you buy program?
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    Read the Bible, PT, read the Bible. Those scantly clad girls should have no effect upon you anyway. :D