Sen. Levin comment about lobbyists.. market breaks up "the trigger"

Discussion in 'Trading' started by OTCkrak, Apr 27, 2010.

  1. something like

    excatly when the market broke out 10:25est

    ... LOL that is some typical political bullshit..

    not claiming causality but ES instantly jumped 2 points with some volume breaking out now.. very bullish for bulls is why

    i believe in the Capture Theory that regulators are captured by the Lobbyist. What the re-regulation of "Wall St" will do is actually benefit the largest players C, JPM, MS, GS, BAC, WFC.. creating larger barriers to entry for the little guys. The lobbyists are writing up the regulations the media pretends Banks are fighting.

    Profitability is all relevant to the sector and peer groups.. if all players have to play by the same rules.. they dont care what those rules are.