Sen. Chappaquiddick

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  1. Only the media can turn this into Obamafest.

    Sen. Chappaquiddick sees the same qualities in Sen. Change that he saw in his brother President Bay of Pigs-Vietnam.

    Those who don't think there's obvious media bias haven't watched much Campaign/08. For Clinton to even be in the popular vote mix against Obamas favored coverage is testimony to how vapid his message has become.

    Obama wins NC because he recieves 91% of the massive black turnout and it's a watershed event. HC wins FL, CA, NY, TX, OH, PN, MA, NJ and there's nary a word. I never realized that Clinton beat Obama in Los Angeles, Orange and san Diego Counties because of all those uneducated whites.
  2. the media tried to protect hillary for awhile but YouTube crushed her. the tuzla sniper fire 'moment' was on youtube for days before the mainstream finally covered it. with the advent of socializing videos she couldn't survive a youtube campaign. her and her predator husband have more negatives than jeffrey dahmer.

    i don't think obama is out of the woods yet either. it's going to be a very 'cruel summer.'

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  3. maxpi


    It's the Mexicans, they are as racist as the Blacks. Just on a personal note here, I beat some old black bag out of a parking space the other day, it almost makes up for all the riots and burned cities.......... NOT!