Semper Fi Trading

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    Anyone know anything bout Semper Fi Trading in NYC

    I think it may be a new firm, but im not 100% positive. How do these new firms work, shoud one be wary of them

    website is

    it doesnt look too professional or anything
  2. Yes I know them....although I love our marines and the men who serve our country. i hear the guys who run this outfit are a buch of transvestites who parade around in drag and try to persuade traders to try this alternate life style.:D
  3. Thought they were called 'Semper Fudge'
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    Nice job removing the nonsense from this thread.

    They had a desk in the back of Dimension's floor with about 4 guys or so when I visited. Head trader stated he was a former Marine and acted rather privacy conscious. He showed a profitable P&L for about a month. At the time he offered to stake his new traders and seemed genuine in his interest to mentor them. They were nice enough but really didn't impress me much. It wasn't the place for me and I chose not to join their group.