Seminars - UK or Europe, 2006

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by insight, Jun 17, 2006.

  1. insight


    Hi there,

    I'm based in East Europe (Lithuania) at the moment and am trying to find some decent seminars to attend.

    I listened to Steve Nison (Candlesticks) in London in September last year which was ok.

    Looking for any advanced seminars in Europe or the UK coming up that I might attend, I trade futures mainly but am interested in a lot of trading areas.

    I have found the seminars on the Trade 2 Win website, none of which interest me and am looking for other resources out there.

    Thanks for the help :)

  2. patoo


    This guy's trading style is very unique and NOT specific to the stock market.

    I read all his books in the late 90's before electronic trading. Took the seminar Texas at his house not Europe.

    <a href="" target=_blank>His seminars for Europe are here in his website</a>

    Check out the website.

    In any case read his "Law of the charts" ebook. I think its still free. Seems simple. But I defy you to put it into practice without a whole lot of thought. If you can understand the "Law..", you have the foundation of what he teaches.
  3. insight


    Thanks for that link.

    Would be interested in listening to Joe Ross speak, looking for other speakers as well.