Seminars: CNBC Univ or INVESTools

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by cody117, Oct 3, 2002.

  1. cody117


    Anyone been to either of these seminars? Are they selling software or is it just an educational course? What's the $? What about the workshops? Are their resource tools free and online?
  2. longo

    I also posted under software and got no replies. It is also called Businessweek Toolbox. The seminar costs around 2600 - 3000
    dollars. The downfall is there is no trial. They increase their sales if they offered a trial. Its like buying a new car without riding in it.
    They only offer a one day refund policy. There is a monthly charge
    for the software 50 to 60 per month. They are selling the seminar, video tape set and software. They promote fundamentally sound stocks and covered call writing. They access different databases like Telescan. They also use a simple system for buying and selling the MACD, Stoch and 50 day moving average.

    I would like to hear from someone who uses it!!!
    (and not a salesman)
  3. I'm going to post the primary response to this in the Software Forum. The seminar was interesting enough to me that I searched Google, found this (Elite Trader) site, joined, and started posting.
  4. Somebody sent me a link to this place last weekend. Anyone ever hear of them? One of the instructors wrote that book if its raining in Brazil buy Starbucks which has some value.