Seminar with Mike Barna of Trading Systems Lab on Machine Designed Trading Systems

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    MultiCharts is pleased to present a seminar with Mike Barna of Trading Systems Lab on Tuesday, July 17 at 4:30 p.m. EST.

    Michael L. Barna is Trading System Lab's founder and President. Mike received a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Arizona State University, a Master of Science in Astronautical and Aeronautical Engineering from Stanford University, holds or has held a Series 3 Commodity Brokers License, a Series 30 Branch Office Manager License, a California Real Estate License, a National Futures Association Commodity Trading Advisor designation and 10 FAA pilot licenses or ratings. His background included work as a Senior Vice President for Regency Stocks and Commodity Fund, LP, and engineering and management positions in several large Fortune 500 defense firms where he developed ramjet, missile, and space based laser defense systems. His work included the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms as a means to enhance various guidance and control systems.

    Mr. Barna has utilized similar AI techniques in the design of modern Trading Systems and has pioneered AI and Trading System integration. Mike has created numerous popular and successful Trading Systems that are employed by fund managers, brokerage houses and traders worldwide. His Legacy (Created 1995) Trading System "Big Blue" is ranked one of the Top Ten Trading Systems of All Time as published in the Book: "The Ultimate Trading Guide", by Hill, Pruitt and Hill. Mr. Barna is the creator and author of one of the most popular Legacy daytrading systems ever written, The RMESA (Created 1996) Trading System, which was his first trading system to include an AI derived element.

    Topic: TSL and MultiCharts, Machine Designed Trading Systems

    Description: We all know that the majority of trading volume is handled by machines for order execution, but did you know that machines can now automatically manufacture trading strategies, which generate the order in the first place? The TSL Trading Strategy design engine has produced the #1 and #2 S&P Trading System Since Release Date (S&P Futures), the #1 Trading System for the past 12 months (US Bonds), the #1 Overall Trading System Since Release Date (Natural Gas), the #1 US Bond System and the #1 US Dollar System per independent tracking by Futures Truth. This is the first time in commercial trading strategy development history that a “Machine” has so well out-designed “human” professional strategy developers. In this Webinar, learn how “The TSL Platform” was able to beat all other strategies submitted to Futures Truth so easily. TSL is now publically available and is compatible with MultiCharts, making this “Paradigm Shift” available to everyone.