Seminar: Mark Helweg of MicroQuant on Finding Low Risk Entry Points

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    MultiCharts is pleased to present a seminar with Mark Helweg of MicroQuant on Tuesday, July 31 at 4:30 p.m. EST.

    Mark Helweg began his trading career as a runner on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade at the age of 19. When he turned 21, he leased a seat on the floor of the exchange and traded in the Treasury Bonds pit for a brief time. Mr. Helweg then returned to school to complete his degree in mechanical engineering with a minor in statistics. While in school, Mr. Helweg developed trading models for a large Commodity Trade Advisor (CTA). In addition, while in school Mr. Helweg also developed the first algorithm to model price in terms of objective value known as ValueCharts®. Over the past 18 years Mr. Helweg has developed quantitative financial models for several CTAs. Honors and awards earned by these CTAs include Top New CTAs Group (Futures Magazine 1998), MFA Star Search (2003), and MFA Star Search (2008). Mr. Helweg released his first book, "Dynamic Trading Indicators," with the John Wiley Marketplace Series. This book was recognized among the "Best Investment Books of 2002" by Barron's magazine. Mr. Helweg was awarded a patent for his ValueCharts® concept with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in Dec 2008. Recently, Mr. Helweg founded a new financial technology company, MicroQuantSM, that now features value-based market analysis tools on the Bloomberg terminal platform. Mr. Helweg now speaks around the country about trading technology and technical analysis applied to Stocks, FOREX, and futures markets.

    Topic: Finding Low Risk Entry Points based on Next Generation Technical Analysis

    Description : Finding strategic entry and exit points in the markets requires specialized trading tools. MicroQuantSM has created the first ever visual representation of Objective Market Valuation, which has opened the door to many exciting new ways to trade the markets. The ValueCharts® trading tools represent the next generation of technical analysis. In this webinar, we will present several powerful strategies that utilize ValueCharts® to identify strategic, low risk entry points in the markets.
  2. I was wondering what "low risk" really means.

    As if there is a greater % chance this is a profitable trade?

    Impossible to backtest as the situation is never exactly the same, so just a general rule-of-thumb I guess.

    But an account can blow up on a "low risk" trade, of course.

    People like to use "low risk" a lot and I'm just wondering if this is simply a person's best guess.

    If there was absolutely a "low risk" area in the market that has been proven to be "low risk" then wouldn't everyone trade it and then it would change.

    Like if a stock trades down to a bunch of indicators and bounces slightly, do we call this "low risk" to buy and put stop under the low because we don't think we are risking much money?

    just confused that's all