Seminar: Make Your Psychology Work For You with Bennett McDowell of

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  1. MultiCharts is committed to helping traders learn and grow by inviting industry experts to present webinars. Different presentations cover trading methods, trading ideas, and our MultiCharts trading software. Everyone from new traders to experts can learn something new, so pick ones that interest you and click Register to reserve a spot!

    MultiCharts is pleased to present a seminar with Bennett McDowell of on Thursday, July 19 at 4:30 p.m. EST.

    Bennett A. McDowell, founder of®, began his financial career on Wall Street in 1984, and later became a “Registered Securities Broker” and “Financial Advisor” for Prudential Securities and Morgan Stanley. As an advisor, Bennett’s niche was “Active Trading” and “Investing” for a community of high net worth clients using his own proprietary trading system. This system later became known as the Applied Reality Trading®, or the ART®, system.

    Topic: Make Your Psychology Work For You, Not Against You

    Description: Bennett McDowell of®, is known for his strategic use of "reality" in generating greater profits in the markets. His software, Applied Reality Trading®, also known as ART®, is based on identifying entries, exits and trade size using only the realities of the market - as opposed to - distortions of reality. In this live webcast, Bennett will reveal how to use these same strategies in strengthening your trading psychology. You will find out how to turn your perceptions around to create a more effective trading reality. Bennett walks step-by-step through how you can improve your trading psychology to make your current approach more consistent. Topics covered in this webcast include: How to find the keys to unlock your unique psychological strengths; See how your senses can deceive you and distort perceptions of reality; Learn to step outside the "matrix" of fear & greed to make them work for you; and Train yourself to use proper visualization tools. Don’t miss this must see event!