Selloff of the Yen? Intervention? Any news

Discussion in 'Forex' started by tradingjournals, Aug 26, 2010.

  1. Yen related pairs are moving fast. I predicted an intervention to that place tonight or tomorrow. Any news?
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  3. I read your post in the other thread. The price moved before the news!

    Part of trading is to read minds of governments. I think I know a bit about how the Japanese mind works--- that is how I anticipated their action earlier today as per my post on the other thread.:)
  4. Japan is basically saying " assholes keep buying our Yen, and we will just start printing more of it"
  5. Long from 85.28 this afternoon on the news on Monday JCB meeting (Oanda 85.18x28 market).
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    That's the Oanda-widened-10-pips-because-its-the-weekend spread you are dealing with.
  7. They should pump it up to parity with the USD and buy the world.
  8. Pair is back down to 85.45. I am buying again. Wish me well :)
  9. I got out at 85.60 area (where it is now).
  10. I realize. My point was that it did not reflect the news, even with the wide market.
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