Selloff- just what we needed!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by LEAPup, Oct 23, 2012.

  1. LEAPup


    Last five days, the djia down 450 points. We're weeks away from getting rid of Otraitor, and I hate to say it, but would like to see another 750 points come off by 6 November. That would be some nice icing on the cake!:)
  2. This is good news.

    Down..down down...

    sell sell sell................
  3. maxpi


    More evidence of failure of BO's policies.. That assclown is so amazing, he actually thought he won the first debate!

    It's pretty hard to win any debate when your policies are out of synch with nearly every voter in the country. You just can't really say what you want to do but you have to look like you know what you are doing. So far it's not working, go figure.
  4. Epic


    Ummm... Obama and his policies really have nothing to do with the market. They certainly have nothing to do with the fact that the market has gone lower the past few days.

    The drivers for the market right now are very obvious, and have nothing to do with politics.

    If you really think that this drop is politics driven, go ahead and trade it lower, but I would advise caution. It is likely to jump tomorrow afternoon and then rally slowly to Nov 7. If O wins then it continues to rally. If R wins, then the market might jump the first day or two, but will ultimately head lower over the next several months.
  5. If you really think that this drop is politics driven,

    Yes this month via presidental cycle. History trumps whatever momentarily.
  6. Lucrum


    An Epic prediction?
  7. Epic


    Yes, I'm tired of the Pro-Romney guys like Lou Dobbs and Stuart Varney claiming that as soon as Romney wins the market will take off higher. That just isn't likely for two reasons.

    1) Romney has said he would fire Bernanke, which means no more endless stimulus.

    2) Labelling China a currency manipulator fundamentally changes the trade dynamic and cost of goods in the US.

    The long term effects of both of these, as well as lowering corporate tax rates, is good, but it is overly optimistic to expect a Romney rally. I'll be positioned for a drop as well as a large increase in volatility. Although, I do fully expect an expansionary phase to really take hold late next year to early 2014. Something around 4-6% GDP growth.
  8. pspr


    You won't see a change at the Fed until 2014. That is when Bernanke's term is up. So, that won't have an effect for some time.

    But we will see the EPA reigned in and some other anti-business rules removed that hinder business and that should have a big impact on growth.
  9. Epic


    Doesn't matter when the FED term is up officially. Markets are forward looking, and have priced in Ben's comments that his plan to keep rates lower and stimulate the economy continues through 2015.

    Not only will he lose his job in 2014 he won't be able to continue his plan anyway. With a restructuring of Chinese-US trade relations I predict that inflation will start to catch hold, making it much harder to justify a continuing stimulus that offers little reward.
  10. LEAPup


    Ok, I'll add an epic statement.

    Politics are not driving the markets, I agree. Volatility will, however, increase and remain high for several months. When Romney wins, the markets will love that. Last, we are standing near the train tracks as one of the largest bull markets in 50 years begins to build steam. My advice is vote Romney, and get ready to get on the train. Sidelined money has faith in Romney and absolutely none in Odipshit.
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