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  1. S2007S


    anyone selling this early morning rally???
  2. just sold es at 1499 for a pullback. not sure if i will hold it though.
  3. maintaining a .5% trailing stop on all my long index positions... don't know when, but no doubt I will be selling soon .... :)
  4. From what I have read lately, it seems that more people are viewing this rally as nothing more than a bounce, waiting for the time to sell it again. This is a different consensus from before this last selloff. Point I am trying to make is that the new longs in here are probably alot weaker/trigger happy to bail than previously, on the first sign of weakness.
  5. agreed...
  6. i agree as well. i trade no matter what and don't care what the heck the market does. however,i think we are heading for a recession. i just don't know how its avoided and i know it sounds amateurish but thats just how i feel based on earnings guidence,economic data,credit,ect,,,
  7. i agree with a recession outlook. I am very worried about all the massive number of ARMS resetting this year from the teaser rates, (outlined wonderfully by Cramer in his tirade). There is going to be much more fallout from this before it is all over.

    Furthermore, it is likely that China may back off completly from buying US treasuries in the coming auctions with the threat they have layed out. This will make rates rise at a very bad time. Bonds are falling today as we speak.