Selling vs. Not Selling in the markets

Discussion in 'Trading' started by SiSePuede!, May 31, 2007.

  1. Does anyone else feel like half of the time the markets take a breather and move lower is almost all on B/A moves rather than any significant amount of trading?

    It just seems like no one is really selling for the most part. I remember a few brief periods of selling in the past few sessions. This morning it seemed like there was quite a bit of selling into heavy buying, but now it feels like volume practically DIED and everything seems to be grinding down a little, then all at once it appears as though buy programs kick in and we move up.

    Does anyone else perceive the same? :confused:
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    speaking of buy come a couple!
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    surprisingly buy programs have been light today ---I guess the month end buying happened yesterday. nevertheless the marche has had no trouble grinding higher on tiny volume. would have to say that the moves -up and down- have been on the abscence of sellers when prices tick up and the absence of buyers when prices tick down.
  4. Waaay too much randomness in this market. Best to sit and wait.
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    even better....

    best to sit [on long positions] and wait!
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    its a bull market you know, SPY,DIA,ES,YM.....

    murray TT:cool: