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  1. You're from San Diego?....Me too.

    We should, like, hangout at KFC...we can split a bucket of fried chicken and coleslaw and ketchup and mash potatoes and gravy and a frozen frothy coffee... while we reminisce about 1998 and 2008 markets, o_O and 2018.

    It's kind of creepy, and gay, if it's just you and me. -- We should invite Everyone on ET.
    I'd love to see how all the ET, extraterrestrial traders, look like in real life.
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  2. Sounds like a good time
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  3. vanzandt


    Guess what my friend.... you have the 4 Millionth post at ET. :D
    Is that your T-28?
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    Lawrence... you were 3,999,999. Good job. High 5.
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