Selling Trading Videos

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  1. Selling a list of Tim Sykes Videos and Tim Grittanis Trading Tickers along with Fous4 and Fous4x2
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  2. message me if interested or any questions
  3. Jack1960


    How many dollars are you planning to pay the buyer to cover his losses that these videos will cause?
  4. truetype


    If the videos’ trading techniques work so well, why are you reduced to grubbing around for a few dollars?
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  5. I mean I'm not saying they work well I personally only thought Tim Grittanis videos were good but you can get the entire list for 100
  6. Why would anyone want to buy from you when these are available for free in the file sharing community. Is it "illegal"..probably but not anymore illegal than you selling them in electronic format.
  7. JackRab


    Tim Sykes... hahaa... made me laugh, thanks for that :D
  8. Hey calm down you are scaring the suckers away
    gotta see if I can make money from downloading some files
  9. JackRab


    I'm mainly here to scare the ones away that have bought crappy educational sources and try to sell them off...

    Why even bother downloading them anyway... free crap is still crap...
  10. More like selling a link to download them
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