Selling the following (new and gently used) trading/investing books

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  1. I've sold most of my trading books already, but during my recent move I found a few more.

    Make an offer if interested:

    You Got Screwed - Jim Cramer (hardcover)

    The Candlestick Course - Nison (paperback)

    Come Into My Trading Room - Elder (hardcover)

    Come Into My Trading Room (study guide) - Elder (paperback)

    High Probability Trading - Link (hardcover)

    All About Stocks - Faerber (paperback)

    Wall Street Journal - Guide to Understanding Money and Investing - Morris and Morris (paperback)

    Charles Schwab's Guide to Financial Independence (paperback)

    Investing for Dummies - some 1996 version, this one isn't really "new" condition (paperback)

    Getting Started in Stocks - Hall (paperback)

    Eight Steps to Seven Figures - Carlson (hardcover)

    All books will be shipped with delivery confirmation (if you're within the US). I don't think USPS does delivery confirmation for international mail, or if they do it's really expensive, like to the extent that you're probably better off buying the book used from than paying $20+ for international delivery confirmation.