Selling T Bond and T Note Futures - Yield rise to come

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  1. Everybody and his grandfather is long T Bonds and T Notes. I am shorting T Notes front month at 127.305 with a target of 123.155. Yield should come back in underlying to 2.20-2.25%.

    let´s see how this works out...

    Here is even a nice chart to demonstrate the beauty of the trade (/sarc):

    T Note Futures.PNG
  2. maxinger


    I used to do such thing.
    When the price hit a particular level,
    I would do a counter trend , against the flow/grain/herd, kamikazae, impatient trading immediately.

    Nowadays I will wait patiently for proper clear U turn. Then I short such market.
    If there is no U turn, then no trade for me.

    The problem is that many people failed to long the bonds much earlier.
    And when they missed that opportunity,
    they'd take revenge. They'd look for opportunity to short the market impatiently.

    Germany bonds have been on uptrend since 2009.
    The latest uptrend started in Apr 2019.
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  3. easymon1


    zb Dec 30yr bonds
    "may pull back to breakout, 153 27" SR

    zb cont ib facts.jpg
    30m zb chart looks more 'civilized' for intraday than banshee pal-o-mine nq.
    what say ye?
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