Selling strangles and straddles

Discussion in 'Options' started by vlad79, Dec 5, 2002.

  1. vlad79


    Hi, guys!! I enjoyed reading all your post here in "Options' forum.
    All of you have interesting ideas and comments. I am a new memeber and wanna start a discussion about stranggles and straddles. I'v been selling stranggles on SPX about 3 years and have a constantly positive results. Now i wanna try to do this on stocks and discuss this here with all memebers. If you have any ideas, comments and etc. take a minute and post your opinion.
    Thanks for paying attention to me.
    Good trading to all.:)
  2. Congrats on your success, how do you know when and what to sell?
  3. Diversify ...
  4. vlad79


    i do it every month and wait till exp.
  5. Maverick74


    I would stick with the indexes. They won't gap on you. You can diversify all you want but one bad play will wipe out 50 good ones. Not a good way to make a living.
  6. do you have an early exit strategy?
  7. vlad79


    What do you mean, EliteThink?
  8. I think he means...

    1. What if you want to take profits early?

    or, more likely...

    2. What if the position moves against you?
  9. vlad79


    As a rule i let my options to be expired (that's why i sell stranggles and straddles)
    But if position moves against me i just close it at breakeven level or take small loss.
  10. Exactly.
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