Selling Optionvue 5 , (Ver 1.84)

Discussion in 'Options' started by Delta101, Oct 13, 2007.

  1. Delta101


    Hi all,

    If anyone is interested in buying Optionvue 5, version 1.84, please let me know or mail / PM me.
    This is an original Optionvue5, was bought in April this year and I don't have any use for it anymore.

  2. tvgram


    You do not say what you have apart from the base program. Do you have the BackTrader module, that allows you to test and BackTrade strategies, using their free historical data for every stock, future, index, and options every ten minutes going back to January 1, 2001?
  3. Delta101



    No, this is the 'Standard' Optionvue5 without any add-ons as the 'Backtrader' that you mentioned. Ofcourse, any add-ons can be purchased individually from Optionvue directly, (the actual licence will be transfered and Optionvue will be notified).
    So the new owner of the program can buy any additional service or program add-on and, also receive full customer service/technical support.

  4. delta101,

    Are you going to put your OV on ebay?

    Have seen a couple there in the past.

    Do you have a price now?

  5. Delta101



    Yes I will list it on eBay in a few days if there will be no solid interest from someone here.

    I thought I would try to see if anyone might have had an interest here first.

    About the price I think I would let it go for a $1000 , it would be a good deal for someone that wants the program. The licence for the program gets transfered anyway and, Optionvue gets notified to make it official, so in effect it's exactly like buying the program from Optionvue directly.

    Take care,
  6. Maverick74


    I'll offer it for free. PM me for details.
  7. Free??? What's the catch?
  8. The catch is it's a trap to document your intent to steal software.

    Nobody offers software that costs thousands for free. The ole saying; if it sounds too good to be true....
  9. Maverick74


    Nope, sorry, no catch. There is no such thing as intent to steal software. LOL.
  10. If there's no catch then why is a PM necessary to gain access to the software? Why not just post a link to where we all can download it for free? LOL

    He probably has a "Free trial" coupon to sell. PM him quick before it expires. :p
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