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  1. Need your advice. I have a strategy that averages 10-25% profit a month and i want to raise money from investors so that i can trade for them and take lets say take 30% of profit which is within reason. Now i don't want to go cold calling and ask people for there spare change. But i wanna raise some serious capital for something that actually works... what would you recommend?
  2. Prove it, and they will come.
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    I agree, people will look if you have something genuine to show them.

    However, the real trick is letting them look but protecting your intellectual property. Have you thought about this?
  4. This is a joke, right? In honor of Madoff. He was promising a consistent return of 1% per month.
  5. I have a proven system that <i>can</i> produce a 20-25% return a month. The problem is it doesn't do that each month.

  6. help me please :(
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    If you could make even %10 a month, why not just compound that into millions. It wouldn't take you more than a couple of years.
  8. exactly
  9. Port1385 = Wanna be trader and Elite Trader troll with over 1300 posts

    By the way do you know Germantrader ? Nevermind.

    Here are the facts:

    I know this guy from a previous thread. He could not make money even by selling ice creams in a kindergarden.

    To Port:

    #1 Any trading system on sale is worth nothing, if it were that good it would remain propietary.

    #2 You are going to hate this suggestion, but have you ever considered posting your own performance so that your investors know how good you are ? We know you love to talk but, if you want to invest for other people, CAN YOU MAKE MONEY ?

    ( I know you do not agree, but you see it is a legitimate question, trust me )

    #3 Where do I sign up ? Are you going to post the link to your Linkedin profile or is it going to be next to your performance that no one has ever seen ?

    Whatever you do, just make sure you never update your likedin profile with your core strategy.

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    20-25% EVERY MONTH!

    No way. you mean 1 month every now and then?
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