Selling my Crypto Hedge Fund

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  1. 30k? You gotta be kidding me right? How much does it cost to set up a limited or LP without lawyer? Everyone can draft founding documents and fill out documents. That's how it works in the rest of the world. In HK it costs around 200 dollars to register a limited company and an equal amount to register an offshore firm. What's with those 30k?

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  2. That is not true. You don't need a specific address to segregate and limit liability. That is what the specific company formation structure is for. You can have a limited liability company and still use a home address. People who use virtual addresses are too poor to afford an office and too proud to let "investors/customers" figure out that they still live with mommy. Virtual addresses are all about marketing and pretension. The address itself has zero legal implications.

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    I knew of a failed FX trading service guy who used his FX hedging idea (which you couldn't do in FX after Dodd-Frank) on cryptos to start a small fund. Supposedly it was profitable for 97 out of 100 months in FX based on backtesting. I put a token amount in the fund for fun. Whatever his strategy was, it worked on cryptos until they crashed, and really got hit when BTC held up better than other cryptos. I should've known better, but I let my investment almost triple then lose about 30% before I got out. It took him like 5 days to liquidate, and that's where my investment went from break-even-ish to a loss.

    I would've been pretty upset had I invested a larger sum of money. Anyway, he seems to be totally out of crypto so I don't think he'd be interested. He's the only possible candidate I know.
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  4. Well you very much sound like a person sounding out interests. In effect you are spamming and freeloading without being a paying advertiser.

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  5. It's not hard work. You are a bullshitter. Pretend to have run this business and now want to sell it. In effect you are just a cheap middle man who is pricing up a simple lawyer service for something a lawyer is not even required.

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    Thanks for your kind words.
    Really appreciate it.
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    Trader SV, you should listen to Groot. He makes good calls sometimes. :)
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    He seems right, but there is a misunderstanding regarding the actual product and service being offered.
    I will also be supporting and consulting the buyer for a few months, hand holding support and investor contacts and audit track records and the whole package.
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  9. If you had a single investor contact you would not be getting out of this (if you were actually ever in it). This simple. Stop to continue to mislead naive people.

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    I don't have a 100k to trade and build a track record to raise money.
    As I already said, it's only suitable if you have a 100k and track record.
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