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    Hi, I just sold MetaStock 7.0 RealTime on eBay which I was advertising here but I now have MetaStock 8.0 RealTime for eSignal that I just bought that I'm also selling. It's in the box with a new CD and setup key and the data CD and all the manuals except for the bigger user manual which it has the End of Day manual rather than the Real Time one. It retails for $1700. I'd like to keep it but may have to sell it as I may need the extra cash now. Plus I don't have the time to get into it right now. Send me a PM and make me a reasonable offer and we'll see if we can work something out. Thanks.

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    Here's the rest of the info:<html>
    <br><b><font size=+2>Now you can test across multiple securities and multiple systems to find the ultimate trading scenarios!</font></b></center>

    <p class="PageText"><font size=+1>I</font>f you are a real-time trader,
    you will love the “cutting edge” charting and analysis power of MetaStock
    Pro 8.0. You get charts by the day, hour, minute or tick – and all the
    real-time analysis capabilities that go with it! You also get more comprehensive
    system reports and full color bar or pie chart analysis.&nbsp;

    <p class="PageText">We’re talking powerful stuff! You’re just a click away
    from the up-to-the-tick information, testing and analysis you need – anytime
    you need it.

    <p class="PageText">Implementing state-of-the-art technology, MetaStock
    is – quite literally – leading the way with power tools that provide a
    level of accuracy and precision that was simply not possible before…

    <p class="PageText">The new <b>Enhanced System Tester</b> is breaking new
    ground in areas of high-level analysis with multi-systems and multi-securities
    testing, and amazing testing customization capabilities.

    <p class="PageText">Plus, MetaStock Pro 8.0 offers powerful, high-speed
    that scan thousands of securities to uncover optimal trading situations,
    advisories</b> so you know what top experts think of your trading scenario,
    <b>over 150 indicators and line studies</b>,
    <b>nine charting styles</b>
    for ultra-revealing charts, <b>buy-and-sell signals</b> so you know when
    to get in and out of a trade, <b>pager and email alerts</b> based on the
    conditions you specify, and so much more.
    <p><b>So much analysis power</b>
    <br><b>Yet MetaStock Pro 8.0 is so customizable… so flexible… so user-friendly!</b>

    <p class="PageText">Use MetaStock’s built-in trading systems – or – create
    your own. Perform real-time or end-of-day analysis. Pull up a chart and
    drop in a few indicators – or – perform complex analysis and add functions
    to MetaStock’s formula language.
    <p>To see all the other benefits of MetaStock Professional Version 8.0
    go to and look through the site.

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    Just so everyone sees it. If you're interested please send me a private message. Thanks.:)
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    Just wanted everyone to see this. Hope everyone's enjoying their Sunday. Thanks. :)
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    Price ?
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    I sent you a PM. I've had a few offers so far. Send me a PM if interested. Thanks. :)
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    Hi Bill
    I just sent you a PM. Thanks. Let me know what you want to do. :)
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    Hi, Rob
    I just sent you a PM. I'll wait to hear from you. Thanks. :)
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