Selling it's own invented trading system = always a scam?!

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  1. Hi.
    I just wonder if there's any valid reason why authors sell their trading systems.

    Recently I'm googling for "momentum trading system". This website came in front of you in the search result:

    Did you use the system?
    Is the author trustworthy?
    Does the system work?

    I just wonder if there's any reason for the author to sell system if it DOES work.
    Why doesn't the author keep this for himself and win big?
    Thank you!

    - I just ask for information. This post doesn't imply anything, including the quality of the website.
    - After all, it might be a scam!
  2. Possible reasons include:

    1 The author believes exposing it will not affect its performance.

    2 The author has better systems that he trades and does not need this system.

    3 The author has all the money he wants and wants to show off his system.

    4 The author believes he can make more money selling it than trading it.
  3. Well, not only are they looking to make a profit, some do wish to help you. Remember, once upon a time every technique that you use was an idea in somebody's head that under your concept, should have never been shared because they could have profited the developer.

    Everyone's not trying to rip you off. :)
  4. Machron


    When a site looks like that it screams


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  6. Yes, I know.
    But the difficulty is how I can distinguish between scammers and honest guys.

    Too many scammers in the world!
    Too few honest guys in the world!

    By the way, if the developer wishes to help people, why not just give the rules/formulas out for free? I think if the system DOES work, he must have made millions of money. So giving this out for free isn't really a problem. Also this is the best way to prove himself.

    Even if he wishes to have some rewards by telling people about his secrets, he can still do so in form of donation, or sell a ready system while still giving out al the rues/formulas in this system.

    If people finds his system really useful, except the cheapest guys (who might build a system themselves), most people should be very happy to pay for it.
  7. Darvas... I have heard of his name.
    Does anyone tell me a bit more about him.

    How did he made 2M in stock market? What's his stock trading style? Did he tell his rules/formulas in his books?

    I need to know if his method suits my trading style.
  8. YES it is always a scam. Tom Baldwin said why sell a system when you could trade it yourself and make millions.
  9. buy it and find out (then tell me)
  10. One of the things that I have observed about traders is that they all seem to have their own idea about how to fix and tweak anything that they come across for their own benefit and enhance their returns.

    If someone had come up with a great system, by the time they explained it there would be at least one person working on the improvement, and another explaining why it doesn't work! :)
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