Selling Indicators

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Would you buy an indicator package?

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  1. I been designing trading systems for over 8 years now and I've pretty much come to the conclusion that even if a system will work over time, it will need tweaked. Therefore I created indicators from my systems so I can use discretionary money management (that's where my systems had a hard time). I have a couple of questions.

    1.) How many of you would buy an indicator package if priced right and you were given confidence in the signal?

    2. ) I need beta testers for the package. Would anyone be interested? I will give a free 1 year subscription to anyone who helps.

    Thanks EliteTraders.
  2. maybe, if:

    - it had profitable non curve fitted historical performances in all sorts of marketing conditons *and* profitable live forward testing for the last year without adjusting parameters

    - it didnt involve fibs or other market voodoo

    - it would reimburse for losses

    - it was 100% mechanical, no discretionary, no interpretation if it doesnt work and i call you and say "hey, why'd that trade yesterday lose money?" you couldnt say "blah blah discretionary excuses blah blah". It would have clear cut, black and white entry and exit signals that cannot be refuted

    - payment was a percentage of net winnings and not a preset price
  3. I would only try it if it had new information (not just price, volume, time). If there is no new information it can be always modeled using other known methods. For example: I have an indicator that considers option premiums, open interest and bid/ask ratios. That adds new info and makes it more accurate.
  4. I do not agree with you that all systems need to be tweaked. Many systems just need to be executing in similar market conditions to the ones they where originally created and tested in. This comes out during walk forward testing.

    You left out which platform your indicators run on. I would be willing to review your indicators if they are for Tradestation or Multicharts. I tested software and databases for 37 years before I retired. I enjoy doing that kind of w---- (sorry can’t use that word anymore). But buy them – nope. I would pit my systems and indicators performance wise against anything you have built (no offense intended). As a former IT Pro I value good documentation as much as the software.