Selling fine jewelry--any ideas on how to get a fair price?

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  1. Long story short, my wife and I have split up and have no need of the ring. This isn't a cheapo ring, so I wouldn't expect the average person perusing Craigslist would be a legit buyer. I wouldn't want to meet with 50 different possible buyers over the course of months/years, risk getting robbed, shot and/ or stabbed at worst and wasting a lot of time and effort haggling at best.

    Anybody know of some reputable dealers in the DFW area, or auction services?

    If you have had any experiences with this type of thing, I would love to hear some ideas. Thanks!
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    i have sold lots of jewelery on ebay.

    its really the only place you can sell and get a fair price due to the market auction style. any dealer will undercut you and likely put it on ebay themselves.
  3. I thought about ebay, and I guess I will have to become more familiar with how the whole thing works, as I've never sold anything there. Thanks for the response!
  4. Taking the other side of the transaction for a moment, how would a buyer be assured of the quality of the merchandise? I guess that's one reason I discounted the ebay idea, although I know that some pretty expensive cars, etc. are auctioned there.
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    Try Dallas Gold and Silver

    They may even sell it on consignment (But I'm not 100%)

    And they can/ will definitely validate the appraisal


  6. RN,

    Thanks for the recommendation, I'll check them out.

    As for the breakup, hopefully it will be for the better. I really liked being married actually, but I don't think I'll do it again.
  7. I'll make you an offer,
    current retail price / 30

    So if you bought it for $20k, I'll buy it for $600
  8. pawn stars
  9. LOL, CW, that is why you are a master trader! If that is the best offer I get, I'll probably turn the thing into a really awesome nose ring or something.
  10. the amazing thing is, you can come across an idiot in so many topics. Guess that makes you AmbiStupid...
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