Selling Fibonacci Trader Ver. 4

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by beyondMP, Oct 2, 2009.

  1. beyondMP


    I am interested in selling my Fibonacci Trader Version 4 Real Time permanent license. USB Dongle and all updates available on website included. Great software-I'm just not using it anymore.

    Currently price at $1495
    Will sell for $1000 or best offer
  2. Fib doesn't work, so give me $25 and I will drop it in the trash when it arrives...
  3. clacy


    this doesn't really compute
  4. Made too much money, have you? I suppose that, at some point, the cost of storage becomes excessive.
  5.'d be better off putting in your newspaper classified and hope to get a newbie sucker to fall for it....It's worth about $1.
  6. damo484


    the softare works just fine. but in case your it won't make you a millionaire over night. :):D
  7. the software works - it is guaranteed to give you random results with blazing speed...
  8. l2tradr


    Since you're so great and you know everything, show us what does need for the method, PROOF that you're profitable will do. Such as audited broker statements, trade blotters...heck, even some time-stamped live calls will do. I've asked for these 10 times by now, didn't see any ;)