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    Question, in case someone has some experience on this.

    Suppose I would want to create a web service / mobile app which would offer trade advice (indicators) based on a subscription fee. The indicators would be calculated using realtime and / or historical market data, both stocks and options.

    IANAL but I think this falls under "derived data license" with respect to that marketdata I'm using. So if I purchase the data for use by myself, can I sell data derived from the original market data without signing additional licenses and paying additional fees? (100% that I can't but asking anyways).

    Otherwise anyone has any experience with this sort of thing and idea how much would it cost?
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    So "indices" is $100 / month. It's not clear that I can resell derived data from those indices or it's just for my personal use.
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    i think you can resell indicators but data subs will be on professional basis
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  5. Hi Aquarians,
    Ginses user is here..

    As far as I know, you are not allowed resell the data directly, however, you can leverage 1-10 websocket connections to be bridged to your clients/apps (That's what I have been told). There might be latency tho.

    Basically, you can build a client node.js or python server that helps to bridge to multiple connections.

    I would recommend you to write to their support or online-chat with them to make sure.
    In my case I use the FX package for my alerts-based web app.
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