Selling China

Discussion in 'Trading' started by phantomtrader, Dec 1, 2012.

  1. I am unloading my China stocks.

    A war in the south china sea looms. China will take major hits, so its best to unload now.
  2. Still waiting for replies. What you guys doing with your China stocks?
  3. That's nothing. I am more worried about WW3 because US and Israel will declare the rest of the world to be antisemitic since they voted to give Palestinians UN observer status in contrary to the US and Israel demand.
  4. seriously?
  5. Israel and the USA are right. Israel should not be expected to accept Palestine when the Palestinians are shoot rockets at Israel. I support Israel on this issue.

    But your post kind of misses the point of this thread.
  6. phantom - I like your thinking. Reason: it will have major effects on the price of copper.
    Copper has tanked recently, but it held support ($3.40).
    Long term chart shows an ominous "wedge"....with a breakout in one direction or the other likely.
    Europe is already near death, but that only had a minor effect on the red metal. China is the big wild card. The USA manufacturing picture looks weak by today's numbers....