selling/buying ES options ?

Discussion in 'Options' started by RedDuke, Jul 25, 2011.

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    I have a questions for those who trade this contract. What's execution like on these options. For example, 2 months before expiration at 100-150 points out of the the money, with spread of 1 tick and few hundred contracts on nearest bid/ask?

    If I hit the bid with market order of 20-30 contracts, will I get filled at the price shown? Or will the bids be lifted?

  2. if you hit the bid you will most likely be filled. I hardly do that size but based on volume traded this morning and the current market depth info; i wouldnt thing it would be a problem.

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    Thanks for this info, that is my thinking as well.

    If there is someone who trades with such size, i would appreciate the answer.
  4. A lot of times you will get filled splitting the bid or one tick above the bid. Size is not a problem as it can be arbed with the sp options pit. More paper hitting bid always welcome though!