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Discussion in 'Trading' started by NKHN, Jul 23, 2018.

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    Was a very useful piece of software when I traded discretionary value based OF trading.

    I now trade a systematic model and do not require this piece of software.

    Before all the smart arses come out of their caves with: 'But don't orderflow tools make traders money, blah blah - why would you need to sell..'. Same reason you sell a motorbike you never ride.

    Yes, they absolutely can if you know how to use them and have a system/model built around their use.

    I've built my own model and now integrated separate custom tools.

    If you're a discretionary trader with an OF focus, then this software is very useful for spotting liq for stop runs. If you don't understand market mechanics, or have a strategy in place then it will not be of any use.

    Only way to purchase this software now is via a monthly recurring fee, if one plans to use this software owning a lifetime license is the better option.

    Serious offers only:

    *There are ways to transfer the license with minimal hassle/risk to both parties.
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    As stated there are ways to transfer the license without asking Bookmap for permission..

    It doesn't take much creative thinking to see what these may be. I have trading colleagues who have done this without issue.

    Happy to discuss process for transfer with any potential buyers.
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    With ethics like that, you should be a politician.
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    I think Bookmap are doing OK, in spite of a tiny minority of early users wanting to resell their unused licenses.

    Go virtue signal somewhere else.
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