Selling a system?

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  1. I'm looking for information about what the best way to go about selling a profitable system would be. I've developed a system that has backtested well, and I've been trading it profitably for over 4years now. The system would be sold, or subscribed to, in the form of daily stock picks.

    Spamming stock sites and message boards doesn't appeal to me. Initially I would want to structure it as an email subscription list, and after awhile maintain a website.

    If you had a profitable system, how would you go about getting people interested in it? The only idea I've come up with so far is to provide my picks for free for X amount of time. Then maybe word of mouth will spread, or something. but I don't know how to even get interest in that: how would I start making the picks public?

    Oh, the reason I'm wanting to make $ by selling picks is because I'm tired of trading. Getting people to believe this, or that anyone with a profitable system would want to sell it, seems like it would be the hardest thing to do. But i do have plenty of historical testing and real-$ results, so I would think that seperates me from all the other system sellers out there.
  2. I think one key would be to post an audited statement of your success with the system.

    BTW, have you posted on here under a different alias before? Your name looks familiar.
  3. well prove it works by posting real trades here and we will help you get the word out.backtesting is useless. show us real trades.
  4. His name is Robert Paulson.
  5. Rob,
    Post more info and some results or pm me, I know people who are buying and leasing proven systems .
  6. Do you think you'll get anywhere near what Michael Gibbons is asking for his system?

    >>>>>Gibbons' Value Trading Method (VTM)


    You get full disclosure of Michael Gibbons' proprietary Value Trading Method that earned him the prestigious 2002 Timer Digest Timer of the Year. This includes all aspects and parameters of the VTM. To protect Michael's intellectual property, you will be required to sign a strict non-disclosure agreement. This is not a trading system, but rather a visual concept that is a form of pattern recognition that predicts market turning points with a high degree of accuracy. The general concept behind the VTM will allow you to analyze stocks, options, indexes, exchange traded funds, currencies, bonds and futures. Because of the universality of the conceptual foundation of the VTM, you can adjust it to your individual trading style. You can trade on a short, intermediate or long term basis. Our Value Trading Method (VTM) will help individual investors, money managers, research departments, hedge funds and others to win on a consistent basis in the markets.<<<<<
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    You can write a book about your system.
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    If you have a real-time, audited, profitable multi-year track record, why sell the system, why not trade it, maybe with other people's money as well? If your record is good, long term, and documentable, it's not hard to get the $$.
  9. His name is Robert Paulson.:)
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    If it really is a system, without discretionary stuff going on, why not hire someone to trade it?
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