Selling a System to Quit?

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  1. My childhood illness has been getting worse so I don't want to keep trading anymore. My system works, as evidenced: I've linked other older threads in there to show that it's been used for years now.

    I was just wondering what the process is for a retailer to sell a system? I don't have any programming experience so its discretionary. I've also written a paper detailing the methodology used.
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    I do not think there is a way to sell a discretionary system, besides given seminars or writing a book about it. Most vendors sell automated black boxes or they sell their algorithm logic. Also discretionary system is usually part art and part science. It is hard to transfer.
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    Many people sell their systems on Collective2, usually as subscriptions, also doing that for bragging rights, and/or marketing (some run external funds). After a few years of posting your trades and being successful you’ll develop following, make money from subscriptions, have public profile, and some of your followers may initiate contact and offer to buy your system outright, or you’ll simply have bragging rights and can ask any of your followers or anyone else to either take over or purchase it outright, or you’ll be able to market it otherwise. If it looks more impressive than others on C2 then you’d really have something to talk about, while even C2 will be promoting you and your system. C2 also provides performance measurements and statistics that can be used to evaluate your system and allow everyone to compare it to others.
    Otherwise why would anyone have interest in something non-transparent, without you providing statistics and performance, and without demonstrating your consistency and proving that you have a better than an average system on C2?
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    The people that know the most about how well the system performs will be the highest 'bidders.'

    Someone on this site could buy it, since they are (or can easily become) aware of your past performance.

    Had you been on C2, you'd have another group following. Same with stocktwits and twitter, and youtube.

    Obtaining a following takes time and effort.

    That said, you could offer your paper on ebay/amazon, then point your followers in that direction. With ebay, you can do a highest bidder type of thing.

    If you agree to only sell it one time, you'd probably get more for it.

    The above are my opinions.

    Good luck, and be well!
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  5. That's a good idea, and one I never actually considered. Thanks! I'll give it a shot.
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    You are in the convention capital of America. If your illness allows go to a Hedgefund or Family Office show. Print some cards and tell your story. Nothing will better represent your claims than you. Print a factsheet and circulate. Register as a student if possible, they are often free.
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    You could try to find a marketer like Jim Sloman did with Welles Wilder in 1983.
  8. Eh. My system should be easy to program, as the variables involved are simple. I don't want to come off as a snake-oil salesman either. The system has proven to work as well, as all the trades shown in the spreadsheet have all been called in real time.
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    so you found simple variables where others couldn' are either exceptionally smart or lucky..perhaps there is also another explanation which we are not aware of at the moment ..
    how about finding a person you actually trust and let him trade it ?? you might split profits,no?
    ask Dest here, he seems decent :)
    on the other hand ,if you don't trust people it's only fair that they might not trust :)
    show some numbers on your real acc. ,no worries, if you are dishonest Dest will find out, sooner or later :))
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    now that I gave it a second thought / there might be more/ why not ask at Goldman Sachs??
    you show them 32 entries real time on elitetrader + some bonus entries elswhere and they are good to go, no? :)
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