Selling a house in near Moscow, Russia

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  1. Hi All!

    I'm selling a newly build house in Moscow region of Solnechnogorsk, 40km away from Moscow.

    It 210 sq.m, 3 bedrooms+ dining room 2 story, double brick insulated walls, triple glass windows.

    Istra lake is nearby as well as natural mixed forest.

    Price is $450,000

    more info and photo gallery here

  2. Habitat for Humanities?:p
  3. Hmmm I can get a cheaper, better-built, bigger house with no power lines in a similar climate in Minnesota. Unless you're dyin' to live near Moscow, that is.
  4. Are you throwing in any Russian women and/or Vodka ?
    (Preferably "and")

  5. dude, you are one funny cat!!!

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  6. Dude, once you check out Moscow night clubs with 8 beautiful "girls next door" to 1 guy ratio, you will forget about Minnesota!

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  8. very very good point. i would have to suspect that russian women are way hotter then chicks from mn. :p
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