seller for Supercharts 4.0?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by breezy1, Dec 24, 2002.

  1. breezy1


    I am a new trader and have had a recommendation for Supercharts 4.0, which is no longer available new. I would like to know 2 things, what would be a reasonable price for a used copy, and does anyone have one they want to sell. You can pm or e mail me if you like. Thanks, Breezy
  2. save your money.

    I'll give u $5 in nickles!
  3. Shankar


    As far as I know SuperChart is not supported anymore. It is hell to work with software that is not supported!
  4. I have a copy that I don't use anymore. I paid $1200 for it
    about 5 years ago. Make me a reasonable offer and it's yours.:)
  5. ron2368


    I have been using SC4 for about 7 years and have no problems with it. On XP it is a bit touchy at times. There are 2 versions EOD( sold for <500) and the RT which was 1300 +. If you get the CD all the upgrades till the y2k builds are available

    I have unique ela studies that can only be used on older Omega products so thats why I stick with it. If SC4 gave me problems I would check out if the code can be converted to use on TS6 .
  6. Gee Phil McCracken (Trader962), that was very helpful advice.

    Shanker - you probably have never used Super Charts. It is not difficult to learn how to use this software and, once familiar with it, it is as good as most software which I am familiar with for testing and assessing charts.

    Like Ron2368 I too have used Super Charts for a number of years (end of day data version) and am a satisfied user. Simple to use, no support is needed.

    I have no experience with the Real Time version so cannot comment on that.

    What I particularly like about SuperCharts is that it allows one to create moving averages based on the high and the low price (thus allowing us to form a 'band') as well as the fact that once one is familiar with the ChartScanner function it is easy to test for signals.

    Anyway, considering that Breezy1 indicates he is a 'newie' are there any suggestions for other easy to work with, reliable software ?

    I am aware that many people seem to think that Wealth lab is better than Trade Station (a more expensive version of Super Charts) for testing but have had no real experience using it.
    Would Wealth Lab be suitable for a 'newie' ?

  7. casey


    I would be glad to sell to you supercharts 4.0 , with a reasonable offer , please respond if interested.