Sell your soul to the devil for what?

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What would you sell your soul to the devil for?

  1. Youth

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  2. Knowledge

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  3. Wealth

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  4. Power

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  5. Something else

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  1. Pekelo


  2. This is a truism, this concept. That is, it fairly describes, in parable, pre-world dealings between the Son of God, and an idea, which takes on a "life" of it's own to become a co-creator in madness.

    The idea is, "What would separation look like? What if everything was different from reality?"

    The devil emerges from this idea and gets to work on it's purpose. It is required as per laws of creation, to have a co-creator. The devil serves the purpose of making madness out of a sane mind.

    The sane mind of the Son of God is the "soul" sold to the "devil", to supply the power to make a world based on the opposite of reality...which is oneness.

    The Son is promised things like, special status, autonomy, each to his own kingdom, each to his own castle.

    The world emerges in which the Son finds himself broken into tiny pieces, each to his own...little...kingdom. Oops.

    This is not looking so good.

    Each little piece of mind gets some flesh to call "home". Each represents a gated community, walled off from every other little piece of flesh. And when these bodies open their mouths, the "gates of hell" talk trash.

    The devil essentially divides the mind up and "sells" each little piece like a trader sells naked calls. Each piece of mind is eager to experience what "time" has to offer, even though there isn't much chance it will ever get "in the money".

    However, once in a while, a naked option opts to go for the money, and beats the devil at his own game, ruins him, and puts him out of business.

    The deal hinges on each piece of mind believing it is guilty. The catch is, if you realize there is no validity to that claim, you can get out from under your contract with the devil.

  3. To be able to go back in time.

    To the devonian period, (maybe a bit after, actually-the devonian was shit boring) and simply sit around and watch all the changes that have occured, over millenia.

    Actually, id be happy with the modern pleistocene era and onward, provided i was in a form that wouldn't cause me to be somethings lunch, or be vastly uncomfortable throughout.
    That implies immortality, obviously-but how else would you manage it?

    Im guessing it could get boring, over a few million years, but who wouldnt give an arm and a leg to see megatherium, in the wild?
    Solve the riddle, of the smilodon's narrow, and seemingly ineffectual canines-how the Pteranadon really flew, and if the hypothesis regarding the evident stupidty of brontosaurs and their relatives are quite to be believed.

    For that matter, of greater interest, the evolution of plesiosaurs, and their ilk.

    Amazing stuff, but so many gaps.

    These are things, i'd like to know, regardless of a hypothetical bollocks equation, trading something that doesn't exist, to an entity that was created by the non-existent.
  4. why would anyone sell their soul to the devil, if they knew God was capable of providing whatever they were going to get from the devil

    imo fuck both of them, but if you are going to worship one, since God has proven to be incompetent and fucking lame, I'd go with the devil
  5. It doesn't make sense. But that's my point, it's crazy.

    The devil supplies what God is not willing to apply to his Son: unreality, madness, senslessness, meaninglessness. This includes the phenomenon of experience. He would not wish these things upon Himself, why would He wish them on his Son? As far as He is concerned, they do not exist. God supplies a mind capable of exploring unreality and madness. The Son uses the power of this mind to accomplish what he wants. And he always get's what he wants, or believes that he wants. In this case, he thought he wanted a will separate from the one Will he has always shared with the Father. The devil, made-up, serves that purpose.

    So the world, as crazy as it is, is an expression of freedom and power. It is a gift of the Son given to himself, to satisfy his curiosity. The world puts the Son in a nearly impossible situation, needing a Guide to get out. That's part of the extreme experience.

    Alas, the Son cannot destroy himself, and it turns out that Reality is what it is with nothing to apologize for.

    The world represents a blip on the radar screen of reality. It was a UFO that came and went in an instant. It represented a communication breakdown between Father and Son which was immediately given a solution so that it could never be permanent. This was by no means an expression of incompetence. It was an ingenious solution that saved the Son from his own delusions and fancy wishes.

    It never happened.

    It's important to fathom and appreciate, that the world comes to your experience through faith and desire. Although crazy, it is absolutely fair. There is only the illusion of unfairness. And it's only fair you can leave whenever you have the faith and desire to leave.

    Consider acronym's wish. To many, that would be just plain crazy. But it represents evidence that the initial wishes that went into making this world are still present within the hearts of men. And as long as those wishes remain, the world will remain in each one's experience.

    Given a memory restoration program, you could go back to the beginning of time, and see for yourself the things you wished for, and the choices you made, that brought you on a long journey to where you are now in your awareness. And you will see that it is a fair process, with no accidents, no mistakes.

  6. dinoman


    I would sell my soul to America for Ron Paul!
  7. Ron Paul
  8. what if the devil doesnt exist?
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