Sell with Impunity - No Risk!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by chewbacca, May 4, 2007.

  1. Its all over - it was fun though.
  2. The weekly all time high for the S&P is 1527 with the second double top at 1520. Just 10 points from today's high!! That means its do or die time either we go sub 1360 or past 1600.

    Make your choice 1600+ or 1360-
  3. lol - i warned you
  4. its still not too late - LOL
  5. Earnings are pretty much over...not much more in the cards for earnings to pump the markets. Now the reality of a devalued dollar and a slew of data showing weakness this year might be looked at....or not!! :D
  6. outside day to the down side shaping up on Nazcrack.
  7. There she rolls...
  8. hels02


    Roll? :D
  9. Roll. The inedible kind.

    Red for the close.
  10. That would be too obvious and rational. I put my money on green.
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