sell-side research reports ?

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    has anyone ever bought those company reports on yahoo finance for about 18 bucks ? are they worth it ?

    im wondering, if i am allowed to sell my own stock research reports? do i need a license?
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  3. One option is to buy the report and clue us in.

    A cheaper option is to send the company a new $5 dollar bill and ask them to respond to your survey on marketing success of selling research reports, tell them it is a class project.

    Don't laugh, I've done it regarding mail order classified.
  4. I don't think that it's necessary to register with the SEC if you are selling a newsletter. However, if you write reports working for an investment bank or the like, and are an employee, usually you need a minimal license like the series 7, 63, or 65 to be kosher with the SEC.
  5. most of these reports are not very good. I have free access but don't read them
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