sell short on every bounce

Discussion in 'Trading' started by snowbird123, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. this market is fairly simple to play, used to be buy on dips, now short on every bounce, otherwise its like trying to catch a falling knife. any thoughts? I would love to see us rally, but it looks like buyers just dissapear?
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    You nailed it. But be careful of short squeezes though.
  3. I definitely watch out for those but there are so many people selling into strength, look at today, started out so so, then the sellers came and every short bounce was sold...easy to define trends once they start

  4. Black cat (short squeeze) white cat (long squeeze) tt's a good cat if it catches the mouse

    In this market you can lose either way.

  5. Bowgett


    Sentiment is getting very negative too. I would expect longer than 1-2 days rally soon. Also remember Ben is cutting rates soon.
  6. If he cuts rates he will soon see EURUSD at 1.75 and imported inflation out of control. He must raise rates this time, send the economy into recession and let it grow out of it slowly after a year or so.

  7. it's definitely a sticky situation Bill, with the elections coming and pressure to stimulate the economy, think he has room to raise? I think they are pricing in a 75 point basis cut next meeting? Will that help? Probably not but it could cause a short squeeze.
  8. another sell slam down on the bounce, wow, just short more
  9. keep shorting, sellers a plenty
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    markets headed to Jan 22nd lows.....many thought the rally was intact last week, it wasnt, SELL THE RALLIES AND BUY ON DAYS LIKE TODAY.
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