Sell, Sell, Sell

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  1. Lets say I'm retarded, what is AA (ie. In AA run for all N100 stocks) and IB (ie. in a free IB window) in your Yahoo post refer to ? Thanks.
  2. AA is Automatic Analysis window (the place for scans, explorations, optimizations and backtesting)
    IB is Indicator Builder window (the place for plotting formulas)
  3. Buy, Buy, Buy

    Maybe you can help me. I have developed a pretty simple short selling system, which I have described here:

    I wanted to use the AddToComposite function to create an equity plot of the system that combines all the stocks tested. I have read through the 33 page pdf file on the Ami website to no avail. My best guess at what "should" work is this:


    I have also tried:

    AddToComposite(Equity(1,3,status(rangefromdate),status(rangetodate)),"~Equity","C",7); //(Alt.: replace "C" w/ "X")

    The result is that the ~Equity ticker has values outside the desired range set in the Backtester window. I have been working on this all weekend, where am I going wrong?
  5. Will you kindly ask this question at
    not to confuse other software users here.
  6. Yes, with the respective condition [if any]

    Thankyou, found my answer doing a search. Had not been to the Yahoo group before. Apologies for the confusion.

  8. Just like I said Monday morning before the market opened ... Buy, Buy, Buy !
  9. Inspiration alone is not the key to the paradise.
    We need technical evidence also.
    You could join your enthusiastic "Buy, buy, buy" with some of your indications, else it is not valid for the others.
    BTW, do you remember many sessions as flat as today ?
    Are you satisfied from N100 volumes ?
    Something was going on today with CL and Wheat July futures, take a closer look...
    #10     Apr 15, 2003