Sell rallies in sp today..profit taking

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  1. Sell Sp rallies today.. the most recent intra day rally did not go to new highs.. this to me shows weakness.. i am lookng to sell any and all rallies later today.
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  2. im a seller here!!!!!!!!!! get short and take some money home this weekend.. short 300 spy @99 .48
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    waiting for economic data tomorrow, I have a feeling they will spin it positive and create another run higher, everyone is pushing for s$p 1000 so I think that's where they will take it. Still think were overbought.
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    Tsing Tao

    its pretty obvious that what you think is both irrelevant and dangerous (to yourself)
  5. You do understand that the S&P is up over 5.5% in 5 trading days, right?
  6. yes and this is why i am a seller right now..
  7. short 700 spy avg of 99.48.. i will exit all before close or MOC!!
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    to think that they might push this overbought market even higher?
  9. down we go ..
  10. Last 15 minutes the sell orders come in.. and then everyone says oh crap tomorrow is friday.. and there is economic news andmaybe someone knows something and before you know it.. the sp sells of nicely into the close today..
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