Sell Off, What Sell Off?????

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  1. bouncing right back, just like it always does, forget stops, they just make your broker rich and you poor.
  2. The market has been like this since august 2006

    just buy the dips, failproof strategy

    Fed cutting rates, low inflation, rising comodities, rising oil,

    Also all the economic and retail targets are lowered so the market surges regardless of the number.
  3. Awww, paper tigers climbing out of their diapers to pound their chests. That's plural.

    Get that post count UP. It'll make you feel important.

    Here in the real world, some of us are concerned with preserving capital while feeding the fuckheads, earmarking for taxes, and watchin' divergences.

    Ummm, uranium (not to be confused with uranus or.........your anus).
  4. The sell off going on now.
  5. ElCubano


    you mean in the countrywide world...:D

    Longhornnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn :eek:
  6. Yep, that's EXACTLY what I mean. Damage is done there (but not elsewhere). CFC NO worse off than 8 weeks ago. Being accumulated. Pssst, high volume. Oscillate at $20 magnent. Eventually distributed to fuckheads. Like you.

    As an added bonus, I have a latent asset (IF I so choose) to offset future gains elsewhere. I HAD ONE HELLUVA FIRST QUARTER. I don't bang out dimes. Build and sell positons. Far more lucravtive (though not as entertaining as chasing squiggles).

    El Cubano El heffe. Es muy macho Es muchas dinereo. Can YOU read my mind?

    Sure you can.
  7. Smarties are bidding market higher for a rally

    Shorting is suicide, and stops % limit orders are for losers
  8. Damn straight, spoken like a true pro.

    SABOD buddy, SABOD.
  9. Kodiaks are starting to nibble and add today, be careful out there.

    Markets have yet to break above the brief respite point to yesterday's rapid decline.

    Good Luck!
  10. Now stops and limit orders are for losers? Good God you are a blathering idiot. On a side note, mymini will join stock in the ignore heap, you guys are quite a team. 7500+ post of sheer ignorance.
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