Sell-Off this week?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ashantt, Jan 30, 2011.

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    Violent anti government protests in Tunisia, Egypt, Sudan and now Yemen. The markets haven't priced in the mid-east contagion yet. If this spreads to Syria, Jordan or Saudi Arabia this week, we should have a 5% to 10% sell off in equities.
  2. The dominoes theory...was the reason for the war in Vietnam..communism was spreading rapid like a disease.

    the Saudi kingdom next to go.

    The rise of nationalism....any regime that appears to be US puppets won't have much support.

    the current president of Egypt is corrupt and seen as puppet of the US administration. like many regimes he rules by his own personal death guards and secret police etc. with the 1.5 billion ...1.5 billion/year buys a lot of death sqaurds mercenaries and jets, bullets etc.
    either he resign peacefully or he be shot dead. by death sqauds.

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    6 PM EST:

    my god, the Dow Futures are already down 199. Oil is rising. Hang on to your hats, folks.
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    I'm calling it! The bottom has opened up. Check the Dow and S&P futures, major selling going off!!
  5. Umm, wrong
  6. wrong, -300 on my dow feed.

    anyone for -600?
  7. There seems to be so many people hoping for a sell off that if we started to drop quite a bit, I have to imagine there would be a lot of short covering - plus there is still all that money on the sidelines, good earnings, QE #infinite..., Egypt probably getting some resolution, etc, etc.

    Markets could very well open down, but I wouldn't count on a huge dropoff during the day.

  8. as always i picked the wrong vehicle to trade. my ES only down 8 pts :(
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    Your dow feed is wrong as is ashantt's - dow futures havent been off more than 80 or so points since the 6pm open (11690 low). It sounds like your quote is going off of Friday's open rather than Friday's close.
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    Yes, it is going off of Friday's open. Only down 50 now after the panic between 6 and 6.15 PM. But, I know this mother is headed down, a correction is on the way folks and it lands this week.
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