Sell more than 100 trading books

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    Below are some examples of the trading books I am selling :

    Come into my trading room Alexander Elder
    Building automated trading systems Benjamin Van Vliet
    Create your own ETF hedge fund David Fry
    The bible of options strategies Guy Cohen
    Trading spreads and seasonals Joe Ross
    Street Smarts Larry Connors and Linda Bradford Raschke

    You can send me a private message for the whole list.

    Thank you

  2. Toby Crabel book?
  3. Scammer?
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    Yes, I think I have Toby Crabel's book. I'll check and let you know later.

    No, it's not a scam!

  5. or I could download them off pirate bay along with 100 others :D

    I gave away all my books. They are worthless now.
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    Ummm....I think the classified section is for....let me check....Oh Yes! Selling stuff :eek:


  7. Stealing from the local borders store got old and boring??

  8. wouldn't touch "books" from an anonymous 2-poster outside of a legitimate exchange such as Amazon or EBay.

    Will either get your money stolen or find out the books are not what you expect (as someone said, piratebay ebooks or similar)

  9. What's it like going through life so cynical and non trusting?

    <i>It's better to trust and get ripped off on occasion than go through life a distrusting everything.</i> BC Forbes
  10. My bad - he had 2 posts, is known to no one, the same books can be gotten off a number of reliable sites likely for a low price without worrying whether they are legal, ...

    <i>A fool and his money are soon parted...</i>
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