Sell Me On Divx

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by eagle488, Oct 9, 2006.

  1. I really liked DIVX until Cramer mentioned it. I think everyone has DIVX on their radar screens now because Cramer said to buy it. So Im staying away because I feel its being manipulated.

    I know the prevalance of internet video and the future need for it. Can anyone sell me on this company? What is the fair value and where do you believe its going?

    Should I wait until the first conference call which is usually the common wisdom?
  2. DIVX has no legs.

    Now that it is being "valued" by the likes of Cramer, it has a huge bullseye on its back.

    Plus, it has no business model for generating profits, in reality.

    Circa 1999, baby.
  3. I agree. I would feel more comfortable waiting until the first conference call and a few ratings by the analysts to see where this company is going.
  4. Qwerty


    What we think has little value when compared to what the market is telling us.
    What is it telling us? The bears failed to push below support @ $20 for now & the most likely direction in the near term is higher. We need to be less subjective & be more objective. Trade what we see, not what we think should happen.
  5. I feel paranoid when Jim Cramer's name is somehow involved in the trading. He told people to get out of Mastercard at 55 and NYX at 55. Both Mastercard and NYX then shot up into the 70s within weeks. Then there was Dicks where he said to go all in and then the stock came crashing down. He was saying to buy Marvell all year long while it went from 36 to 16.

    Personally, I will consider DIVX when a few analysts come out with ratings on the stock, after the first conference call and a little more time after Jim Cramer's influence has worn off. At least a month, maybe more.
  6. I really like DIVX, and I think it will be above $30 bucks soon.

    A very interesting recommendation on DIVX shares is this one, especially the latest followups:

    Cramer was just playing with the stock, pump and dump was his move there, but now the stock is free again and the true move is going to be really soon.