Sell Into The Rallies

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    You have to be a fool to hold on thinking that the worse is behind us, we may rally a bit more but if you bought anything last week that is in the green I would advise you now to take those profits and run, as quick as we have seen this fall and rise we could as quickly see it fall again. This is a huge oversold rally that was expected, sell these rallies and be patient to buy back again when the DOW does drop below 9k again. THIS IS A BEAR MARKET RALLY, the bull isnt coming back to wallstreet for at least 5 more years.
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    How'd that strategy work for ya yesterday?

  3. Says who? Some odd-lot hobby trader on ET?
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    Wait a second, you think the bull came back to wallstreet yesterday?? HAHAHA
  5. I'll sell to you when you cover your shorts!:D
  6. i dont think the bear is over either, but remember, bears have the most VICIOUS rallies

    a bear has to suck longs in, and snap shorts out

    before dropping again

  7. You sure like throwing the insults around. Try and find something nice to say each day it will make you feel better.
  8. Nope, but I'd be careful ruling out a bull market evolving over a longer term frame such as 5 years. Who knows what 2009/2010/2011 bring. I will simply remain flexible and change my exposure as the market changes, like always.

    Of course, it seems you trade based on beliefs of what the market should do rather than on reacting to the market.
  9. a bull can and will evolve, whenever it feels like it

    but we just had a bear, no doubt about it

    i think before it could be over, it would need some basing

    record breaking rallys ususally come in bears, not bulls

    the primary trend is more steady, up or down
  10. What does it matter to people that TRADE FOR A LIVING???

    For those that TRADE, and simply react to price . . . this market is absolute HEAVEN!

    You act as if everyone on ET ( and in this Trading Forum ) is some sort of an INVESTOR . . . and is investing in their IRA and 401k accounts.

    With all due respect, I suggest that you take your posts that are directed to "investors" and post somewhere else.

    I have read your posts for well over a year now and you always seem to be BIASED in a specific direction, rather than "listening" to what the market is doing and REACTING accordingly.

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