Sell In October, Buy in May

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  1. I know I am writing it the other way around, instead of buy in October, Sell in May.

    I have not done an analysis, but my intuition tells me that it is rather Sell in October IF in a Bear market, and Buy in October IF in a bull market.

    For 09, is it Sell in October, or Buy in October?
  2. Sell this December, it'll be a far better short than the last 10 trading days of this month.
  3. How about hold? Now there's a concept!
  4. Indeed. The good times are back, people!
  5. are the bulls getting tired?
  6. what happened to sell in May and go away?
  7. Lucrum



    read this thread and go to bed...

    Well now there's your problem. Shake the dust off those gravitational pull algorithms you were touting in the trading forum awhile back and crunch some numbers man.

    Or you could copy and paste a bunch of biased articles (just the ones that support your opinion) and hope the market responds. I hear that's kinda the in thing nowadays.
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    Sell in May and go away, don't come back 'till St Alban's Day.
  9. THIS afternoon selloff signifies THE top, it's over for the bulls. you had a nice run, time to throw in the towel

    the bull that's turns into a PIG isn't pretty
  10. don't try to catch this falling knife
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